ISDN Network Shutdown

SIP is a new way of getting calls in and out of your business. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Let’s explain how it works...

Instead of a traditional setup where calls go directly from your office, through the telephone network, to its intended destination, your calls are instead routed over a stable Internet connection before getting to their destination.

There are many advantages to doing this, the most obvious to the customer is the cost.

All you need to be able to take advantage of SIP is an Internet connection. Depending on how many lines you have BE IP know you could save hundreds of pounds a year just in line rental costs alone.

Call costs via SIP are also much lower than traditional lines, expect to see large reductions on most landline call costs.

Our SIP comes with Unlimited FREE Local, National and Mobile Calls*

Other top benefits:

Rapid ROI:
SIP immediately begins to reduce costs in many ways and not just the lines and calls side.

Moving premises / Geo location:
By using SIP if you move premises then your current number can be taken with you anywhere ! Also add other area codes to create a national coverage of numbers for your business.

Reduced call cost:
This is a no-brainer SIP can dramatically reduce the cost of rental and making and taking calls.

Unified Communications:
SIP provides a gateway to creating an IP-based UC system that brings together voice, data, Instant Messaging, presence, and application sharing.

Increased productivity:
SIP enables improved collaboration of your workforce by creating the ability to seamlessly connect multiple offices and mobile workers.

With SIP you can help tie together mobile devices and remote workers by enabling a blend of premise and cloud based services using eMG80 communicator app via your Smart phone.

Scalability / Additional SIP:
Unlike traditional analogue and ISDN lines that usually have delayed installation time, additional SIP can be enabled.

Security/Reliability/Disaster recovery:
SIP is very stable. Rather than being at the mercy of local events such as power or circuit outages, SIP can automatically be rerouted to a back up number or mobile phone. SIP is also a much more secure method when it comes to Hacking/Fraud/Toll Fraud.

One of the first decisions to make once you take advantage of SIP is just how to spend the savings you have made!!!!

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