ISDN Network Shutdown
ISDN Network Shutdown

BT Group have made an announcement from the BT Group CEO, he has stated that BT intends to migrate all their customers on to the IP network by 2025. There has been much deliberation in the industry as to when BT might switch off the PSTN and ISDN networks but there has never been a date set until now.

For BT, this convergence onto the IP network will require them to migrate all of their customers off the ISDN network at some point in the next 10 years. Although this may seem like a long time, the process will take a lot longer than first desired and expectations are that this will now start relatively soon to end the ISDN service by 2025.

  • Free Calls to Local / National and UK Mobiles
  • Cheaper Bills
  • Networking Data & Voice infrastructure together
  • Portability of Telephone Numbers within the UK
  • Scalability to have as many lines as you require and not be dictated to by the ISDN Network

Our solution to this problem is to implement a SIP based system.