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Case Studies
Who they are:

Ashcroft Doctors Surgery are a large practice based in the heart of Bradford.
As part of the NHS Service they are governed to provide a level of service that is monitored by an organisation called the PCT.
Failure to provide a sufficient service would mean a cut in funding from the PCT.
This includes there Telecommunications and how they handle and distribute the calls in and around there practice.

What the challenge was:

Action plan priority areas and implementation

Priority area 1

Description of priority area:

- The current PCT/CCG fitted system does not match number of lines with number of staff to take calls, so can ring for a long time, cuts patients off when no channel after message, no proper queing system, GP’s cannot tell if admin/reception is busy as still gets ringing tone when they are on their phones. Also not easy to amend messages, add new ones.

What actions were taken to address the priority? - this item will take time to lesson risk of service impact so run into 2015/16 period before being fully completed, but should improve patient perception / interface with the practice.

  • Identified the issues with current system
  • Discussed with current CCG - IT section supplier - told cannot do any changes at the moment.
  • Identified with neighbouring practices the suppliers they use.
  • Identified future requirement
  • Identifying if porting of current numbers is available, what lines required.
  • Building rooms survey completed to identify points available - 8 new ones required with wiring from IT room.
  • Have Met with 5 of these suppliers, identify potential cost, options etc.
  • Suppliers meeting with Staff - booked for 2nd and 9th march.
  • Chose preferred supplier, order to be placed.
  • Supplier site audit, kit ordered
  • Kit fitted, beta tested, lines tested, numbers ported (if possible)

Result of actions and impact on patients and carers (including how publicised):

New phone system introduced that provides better information and process to contact the practice, so improved patient experience.

The solution:

We installed an Ericsson-LG EMG80 system with 40 extensions with professional messaging service, built in auto attendant and voicemail options along with call recording and logging software. As an NHS surgery governed by a variety of different opening hours we have provided a scenario set up to divert to various destinations each day along with auto attendant messages to direct patients clearly.
The solution provided has given Ashcroft access to a wide range of features that were not available to them using their previous system.

What they say about us:

We had to change our surgery telephone system in August 2015. We started by meeting a number of providers, discussed our requirements, listened to their suggestions of different options etc. This lead to the choice of 2 companies, that we then meet each again, pushed price to then select BeIP.
BeIP surveyed our site, pre fitted some new wiring that was required, sorted the numbers transfer, new BT lines and we jointly chose a 3 day installation and training period. All of this went very smoothly, again suggestions both ways of how to set up the system. Using the professional voice provided by BeIP for our messages further improved the quality feel of the product, to our patients.
Since its installation, we have had a number of site visits to further develop the settings, training of the call recording module etc.
I therefore can recommend BeIP as we are very pleased with our system.